Rich Kilpatrick
2817 McCracken Street
Muskegon, MI  49441
Phone: 231/759-7304
Fax: 231/759-7570
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Membership Category: Supplier (Affiliate) Member
Services:  Wax, Wax Reclamation
Notes: Cerita Casting waxes. Multiple manufacturing and reclamation facilities in the USA that produce: Virgin Filled and Unfilled Pattern Waxes, Sprue/Gating waxes, Soluble waxes and Specialty waxes including stick tight, patching/repair, dip seal and extrusions. System reclaim waxes along with Tech Clean reclaim processing (proprietary process that extracts high ash contaminants and metallic oxides). Forms: Pellet, Flake, Slab, Billet, Extrusions and Liquid Deliveries. Packaging: Bags, Boxes, Bulk Systems.